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A board by Omar Khalil Borini


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10 items · Last updated Thursday 28th January 2016

Abdominal Ultrasound tutorial

A tutorial about how to read an abdominal ultrasound video. Produced to give medical students just a better idea of what to expect.  
Dr Alastair Buick
over 11 years ago

Anatomy Revision of the Upper Limb, Lower Limb & Back

An anatomy revision guide, focused upon the upper limb, lower limb & back. Originally created in 2009 as a study aid for students at Cardiff University School of Medicine, it was substantially updated in 2010, and this Second Edition contains more detailed chapters, particularly with respect to musculature, cross-sections & relevant clinical anatomy. Further information can be found under the Preface & Introduction.  
Nima Razii
almost 9 years ago
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Antibiotics Summary

During our antibiotics teaching at medical school we were told that a recent survey of junior doctors had revealed that a significant proportion didn't realise that augmentin, tazocin, and carbopenems were penicillins and as such should not be given to those with known allergies. I devised a "mind-map" summarising the main antibiotics in use using information from the BNF and my own lecture notes. For me, seeing the information laid out in this manner, pinned above my desk as I work, helps me remember the major classes, their relationships with one another, and their major side-effects.  
bethan goulden
almost 9 years ago

Musculoskeletal Radiology

A slideshow containing all of the musculoskeletal radiology required to pass most finals radiology OSCE stations, with many examples. Explanations of each radiograph are included after the film has been displayed, giving you the chance to attempt a description first.  
Lisa McDowell
almost 9 years ago
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Bacteria Mind Map

Julia Marr
about 6 years ago

Antibiotic therapy

A guide to classes of antibiotics, how antibiotics work against bacteria and mechanisms of bacterial resistance.  
Rafi Ahmed
almost 6 years ago

Antibiotics summary

Classifications of antibiotics - a useful summary. The Table is no way complete. Kindly Ignore Spelling mistakes Checkout for more  
Sarosh Kamal
almost 5 years ago

Bacteriology Map: Cocci, Bacili and Spiral

An incredible diagram on bacteriology. Remember a lot of hard details quickly and easily!  
almost 5 years ago

Vertebral Subluxation and Nerve Chart

Your spinal column or ‘backbone’ is made up of 24 vertebrae: seven in your neck (cervical spine), 12 in your midback (thoracic spine) and 5 in your lower back (lumbar spine). Your spinal cord, made up of billions of nerves, lies inside your spinal column, protected on all sides by bone. Your spinal cordís nerves branch out through openings between your vertebrae and connect to your internal organs, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and other body parts. This connection is vital for your well-being. The vertebral subluxation complex, an often painless spinal distortion, can irritate or damage your spinal nerves, interfere with your brain-body connection and affect your spine, nerves, discs, muscles, organs and overall health. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation complex – restoring the lines of communication within your body and improving your overall body function, healing potential and well-being. Source:  
Nicole Chalmers
over 4 years ago