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12 items · Last updated Saturday 20th February 2016
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Breast Cancer: The Patient Journey

A poster detailing the journey of a breast cancer patient from diagnosis to treatment.  
Suanne Wong
over 9 years ago
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Antibiotics Summary

During our antibiotics teaching at medical school we were told that a recent survey of junior doctors had revealed that a significant proportion didn't realise that augmentin, tazocin, and carbopenems were penicillins and as such should not be given to those with known allergies. I devised a "mind-map" summarising the main antibiotics in use using information from the BNF and my own lecture notes. For me, seeing the information laid out in this manner, pinned above my desk as I work, helps me remember the major classes, their relationships with one another, and their major side-effects.  
bethan goulden
over 9 years ago
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Blood groups and Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn

A poster detailing Rhesus and ABO blood systems, and a brief outline of Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn.  
Thomas Lemon
about 8 years ago
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Cranial Nerves - Anatomy, Clinical Signs and Study Tips

This is a teaching resource that aids the student in memorisation of the Cranial Nerves, their anatomical path and function. Additionally, it stimulates a clinical approach to the functions of the Cranial Nerves, with some 'not to be missed' signs.  
Thomas Lemon
about 8 years ago

Evidence based population health screening

Evidence based population health screening  
Stephen McAleer
over 7 years ago

Gastroenterology Presentation (& some Abdominal Surgery Stuff!)

Another presentation covering the GI tract. All information is from NICE guidance & Clinical Knowledge Summaries & Oxford Handbooks. Images either made by me or from Google. Feedback is appreciated and please check out my other presentations!  
Conrad Hayes
about 7 years ago

Antibiotics Mindmap

A concise mindmap detailing everything you really need to know about antibiotic action!  
Julia Marr
over 6 years ago

Medical Student Apps: Chest X-ray Interpretation (for beginners)

This video tutorial has been made for use with Medical Student Apps: Chest Xrays, an application for the iPhone and iPad. Download the app here for free: htt...  
over 6 years ago

Physiology of the pancreatic α-cell and glucagon secretion: role in glucose homeostasis and diabetes

The secretion of glucagon by pancreatic α-cells plays a critical role in the regulation of glycaemia. This hormone counteracts hypoglycaemia and opposes insulin actions by stimulating hepatic glucose synthesis and mobilization, thereby increasing blood glucose concentrations. During the last decade, knowledge of α-cell physiology has greatly improved, especially concerning molecular and cellular mechanisms. In this review, we have addressed recent findings on α-cell physiology and the regulation of ion channels, electrical activity, calcium signals and glucagon release. Our focus in this review has been the multiple control levels that modulate glucagon secretion from glucose and nutrients to paracrine and neural inputs. Additionally, we have described the glucagon actions on glycaemia and energy metabolism, and discussed their involvement in the pathophysiology of diabetes. Finally, some of the present approaches for diabetes therapy related to α-cell function are also discussed in this review. A better understanding of the α-cell physiology is necessary for an integral comprehension of the regulation of glucose homeostasis and the development of diabetes.
over 5 years ago

Do More Screening Tests Lead to Better Health?

Hi, my name is DR. Mike Evans... I'm wondering if more screening tests are better?
over 4 years ago

Cardiovascular System - Heart Embryology

subscribes =) view other video too~
over 4 years ago

Pressure in the left heart - part 1

Watch the pressure in the left heart go up and down with every heart beat! Rishi is a pediatric infectious disease physician and works at Khan Academy.
over 4 years ago