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10 items · Last updated Friday 30th March 2018

Examination of a Swelling

Guide to doing a clinical exam on a swelling by the clinical skills tutors at the University of Liverpool  
almost 8 years ago

Gram negative bacilli

GRAM  –ve  Bacteria:  BACILLI     ENTEROBACTERIACEAE  ‘Coliforms’   BACTERIA   Salmonella   Escherichia   Campylobacter   S.enterica  …  
Sarah West
over 7 years ago

Gram positive bacilli

GRAM  +ve  Bacteria:  BACILLI     SPORE  FORMERS   NON-­‐SPORE  FORMERS   BACTERIA   Clostridium   Bacillis   Listeria   Erysipeloth…  
Sarah West
over 7 years ago

Alpha & Beta Receptors

Great notes from Tumblr.
about 6 years ago

9 essential tips for new medical students

Whether you’re starting medical school or beginning your second year, this post is for you.
about 6 years ago
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A review of 'Research Skills for Medical Students'.

This is a review of 'Research Skills for Medical Students' 1st Edition (Allen, AK – 2012 Sage: London ISBN 9780857256010) Themes – Research Skills, Critical Analysis Medical Students Thesis – Research and critical analysis are important skills as highlighted by Tomorrow’s Doctors Detailed Review Allen, drawing on many years’ experience as a researcher and lecturer in the Institute of Education, at Cardiff University has bridged the gap in Research methodology literature targeted at medical students. Pushing away from comparative texts somewhat dry and unengaging tones, this book encourages student interaction, empowering the student from start to finish. Not so much a book as a helpful hand guiding the student through the pitfalls and benefits of research and critical analysis from start to finish. Part of the Learning Matters Medical Education series, in which each book relates to an outcome of Tomorrow’s Doctors, this book is written from the a lecturers standpoint, guiding students through making sense of research, judging research quality, how to carry out research personally, writing research articles and how to get writings published. All of these are now imperative skills in what is a very competitive medical employment market. This concise book, through its clarity, forcefulness, correct and direct use of potentially new words to the reader, Allen manages to fully develop the books objectives, using expert narrative skills. With Allen’s interest in Global health, it is little wonder why this books exposition is clear and impartial, Allen consistently refers back to the Tomorrows doctors guidelines at the beginning of each chapter, enabling students to link the purpose of that chapter to the grander scheme. This enables Allen to argue the relevance of each chapter to the student before they have disregarded it. Openly declared as a book aimed at medical students (and Foundation trainees where appropriate) the authors style remains formal, but with parent like undertones. It is written to encapsulate and involve the student reader personally, with Allen frequently using ‘you’ as if directly speaking to the reader, and useful and appropriate activities that engage the reader in the research process, in an easy to use student friendly format. This book is an excellent guide for all undergraduate health students, not limited to medical students, and I thank Ann K Allen for imparting her knowledge in such a useful and interactive way.' This was original published on medical educator.  
Thomas Lemon
over 7 years ago

Apoptosis Animation

This animation explores Fas signal transduction pathway that induces apoptosis. The animation was published in the journal Science.
about 5 years ago

Immunology | Armando Hasudungan

Armando Hasudungan - Biology and Medicine videos
almost 5 years ago

Pathology: Cellular Injury and Adaptation

A module with questions and answers integrating histology, pathology, and clinical reasoning based on the topic of cellular injury and adaptation. I made this for a first year medical school review session.  
Lorenzo Sewanan
almost 5 years ago

Clinical pathology spots for final MBBS

Clinical pathology spots for final MBBS. With some sample questions & answers to guide medical students.
over 3 years ago