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Retinal Conditions

An interaction presentation looking into retinal conditions.  
Prof Gordon Sanderson
about 9 years ago

Sudden onset double vision

An 83 year old woman was admitted to the acute stroke unit with sudden onset double vision that had lasted for three hours. She had a medical history of monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance and atrial fibrillation, for which she was not receiving anticoagulation because of an adverse reaction to warfarin. She had no history of transient ischaemic attack or stroke. She had diplopia only when looking through her right. On examination she was unable to adduct her left eye, with nystagmus in her right eye when she attempted to do this. Her neurological examination was otherwise normal. Computed tomography of the head on admission was normal, as was magnetic resonance imaging of the head, which was requested the next day. Figure 1⇓ shows T2 weighted (A) and diffusion weighted (B) sequences at the level of the upper pons.
over 7 years ago

Visual pathway

visual pathway. this image shows the visual pathway illustrating the different fields of vision every side of the optic tract supply note that nasal fibers from nasal retina of both sides cross at the optic chiasma also note that the optic tract carries the temporal fibers of th
almost 7 years ago