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Case Presentation 57 yr old M with a history of CAD, hypothyroidism and HTN presents to the emergency department with palpitations. He reports that the palpitations began this morning at 5 AM. He denies any chest pain, nausea or vomiting and states he has had some intermittent lightheadedness with these symptoms. Examination You see a…
over 6 years ago

Watch a woman get a 3D-printed skull

Watch a woman get a 3D-printed skull For more latest tech news and product reviews SUBSCRIBE to When a Dutch woman with a rare condition needed a new skull, surgeons 3D-printed one for her and put it on her brain like a cap. An entire human cranium can now be added to the growing list of 3D-printed body parts that includes a fingertip, a hand, prosthetic eyes, arms, a jaw, and even a new foot for a duck. The plastic skull was made by an Australian firm and placed on the brain of a Dutch woman at Utrecht University's University Medical Center in the Netherlands. The operation, which lasted 23 hours, took place about three months ago, and Dutch News just reported that the patient has returned to work -- plastic noggin and all. "The patient has her sight back entirely, is symptom-free, is back to work, and it is almost impossible to see that she's ever had surgery," lead neurologist Ben Verweij said in a statement. Prior to the procedure, the woman's skull was more than three times thicker than a normal skull due to a rare condition. The increased thickness caused the woman's skull to press on her brain, leading to severe headaches and vision loss. Although the report doesn't name the condition, Camurati-Engelmann disease is among the ailments that can cause skull bones to thicken. "Implants used to be made by hand in the operating theater using a sort of cement which was far from ideal," Verweij said of the procedure, according to Dutch News. "Using 3D printing we can make one to the exact size. This not only has great cosmetic advantages, but patients' brain function often recovers better than using the old method." Verweiji says that although portions of skulls have been swapped out in the past, this is the first time an entire cranium has been replaced in a patient. And I bet this is the first time you've ever seen a plastic skull get attached to a real live brain. Let me know what you think in the comments below. TAGS play station 4, play station, play station 2 emulator, play station emulator, play station 3, free play station emulator, play station network, sony play station, play station 2, xbox one, xbox, xbox 360, xbox live, xbox 360 iso, xbox emulator, xbox 360 game, gta 5 cheat xbox, xbox iso, gta 5 cheat xbox 360, xbox 360 deal, microsoft, microsoft office, microsoft window, microsoft security essentials, microsoft office 2000, 2003 edition microsoft office professional, 2003 microsoft office student, microsoft word, 2007 microsoft office system, microsoft window xp, download microsoft word, microsoft window media center, microsoft internet explorer, 2007 download microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft account, microsoft outlook, microsoft corporation, microsoft window 7, microsoft surface, microsoft office word, microsoft download, microsoft online, microsoft office 2010, explorer internet microsoft update, microsoft power point, microsoft update, download microsoft office, microsoft xbox 360, microsoft computer training, apple, apple store, apple itunes music store, apple itunes, apple ipad, apple iphone, apple ipod, apple laptop, apple vacation, apple ipad mini, apple fix, apple logo, apple tv, apple support community, apple software download, apple iphone 5c, apple iphone 5s, apple iphone 4, apple iphone 5, samsung galaxy, samsung, samsung galaxy s4, samsung galaxy s3, viber for samsung, samsung flight, samsung galaxy note, samsung phone, att samsung galaxy, samsung galaxy note 3, samsung kies, samsung galaxy s iii, sprint samsung galaxy, samsung galaxy s2, samsung galaxy tab 3, samsung galaxy s 4, samsung tablet, samsung galaxy tab, samsung galaxy s, att samsung, samsung galaxy note 2, samsung galaxy s5, samsung galaxy tab 2, samsung galaxy mega, samsung galaxy s3 mini, samsung galaxy s4 mini, samsung galaxy s ii, how to screen shot on samsung galaxy s4, mobile samsung, sony, sony video game, sony tv, sony vaio, sony xperia, sony play station, sony ericsson, sony xperia z, sony laptop, sony entertainment network, sony camera, sony xperia z1, sony tv live, sony psp wall, sony vegas, sony vaio laptop, sony computer, sony style, sony mobile,  
Nicole Chalmers
about 8 years ago