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Earning While You Learn

12 Money Making Resources for Med Students

Written by Lesley J. Vos · Tuesday 27th October 2015

Being a medical student, you can't help waiting for the moment when you start your awesome medical career and become a top specialist in the field.

But here is the kicker:

According to Jack DePaolo, a Ph.D. candidate at Louisiana State University, M.D. holders are not entitled to their dream jobs.

Does it mean you should worry about your future medical career? Not at all. But it does mean you should worry about finding your very first job place to earn some money and start building your medical career here and now.

The process of job search has never been easy for students. To help you take the first step toward your successful career, here we have the list of 12 resources, which are the best places to search for your first job in medicine. Moreover, they can become your starting points to practice skills got at universities and earn money every young specialist needs so much while studying.

Are You a Student in the UK?

Students who get their medical degrees in the United Kingdom are lucky to make money by freelancing without sacrificing time and procrastinating their process of study. But if they want to find exactly the UK based resources to freelance, it can be not easy to do.

The following UK based resources are available for medical students to look for a job:

1. Medical Careers

This website will help you plan a career step by step. It is designed to assist medical students in understanding all options for choosing their future careers. They have a four-step program to guide you through self-assessment, career exploration, decision making, and plan implementation.

Find out what options are available and start your work with this resource.

Check the following page:

2. Prospects

This website is one of the biggest resources devoted to job search in medicine. Students can use it to find freelance jobs, get career advice, find courses and internships for undergraduates, and more. They provide a range of services, aimed to help students make a choice about their careers.

Find more information here:

3.NHS Jobs

Here you can apply for working within the National Health Service and other health-related organizations. Once registered, a medical student gets a chance to search for a job online, get new opportunities via email, and take advantage of other features. Add vacancies to favorites, send applications, confirm or decline interviews, take part in volunteer projects, look for internships, and much more.

Learn the details:

4. MSF

This organization welcomes groups of medical students to practice skills and get experience by helping people around the world, affected by epidemics, natural disasters, or wars. You can get involved and join their med school for aid work overseas.

Check the page to learn more:

Money making resources for the UK students are aimed to help them get a job. Besides several freelancing opportunities, the goal is to find volunteers ready to work overseas for skills and experience, not money, or help graduates find full-time jobs as doctors. So, if you are a med student in UK and you want to earn some money without sacrificing your study, you should keep in mind the following:

    before applying for a job, make sure the position is open to current students;

    check if your knowledge and skills are enough to apply for this particular job;

    make sure you have enough time to dedicate to freelancing or internship;

    consider some extra ways to earn money as a med student. For example, you can become a freelance medical writer, you can write for other professionals, you can offer your medical transcription services to some clients, etc.

Are You a Student in the US?

Medical students from the US are luckier than their UK fellows, as they have more opportunities to earn while learning: dozens of resources have been created to help freelancers in different fields, and students are also welcomed here to try their strengths.

Check the following resources to look for a job:

1. Indeed

The best way to search for a job at this website is using their listings by keywords and location. There are more than 500 job boards, 200 newspapers, 100 professional associations and career centers available at for you to ease your searches and find good job opportunities there.

It's a meta-search site, free to use for job-seekers. Learn more:

2. Monster

You are welcome to use this resource for job search and career advice. It is one of the oldest job websites on the Web, and it provides you with thousands of jobs worldwide. Job-seekers are welcome to use this resource for relocation services; independent medical professionals will rate it high, too.

Check here:

3. Best Jobs USA

Their mission is to bring the best candidates and best employers together. They are not a simple job board but a comprehensive resource that includes career resources store, jobs database, resume posting, and corporate profiles.

Learn more at:

4. Bid4Papers

This resource is perfect for those medical students who are good in academic writing and look for some freelance jobs to use their skills in practice. Here you can join the team of academic writers on medical topics to write and edit works of your fellow students, helping them deal with their academic goals.

Learn all the details and apply to write essays with Bid4Papers.

5. College Recruiter

Enter your job title and location to start searches, and keep in mind the fact that this online resource is designed for college students, graduates and recent graduates in particular. So, you can consider it a great website for young specialists.

Start your searches here:

6. Simply Hired

Use this job search engine to find job listings you need and get updates by email, mobile phone, or social networks when new jobs are posted. As well as many other job search resources, Simply Hired is free for job-seekers, and it provides the list of jobs for medical specialists by keywords.

Check it here:


This resource lets you post your confidential resume and get useful tips and advice on job hunting. It's free to use, and you can try their search by different criteria, including industry, salary, recency of posting, company size, etc.

Browse for jobs here:

8. Link UP

Go to the individual job boards directly to find a job that fits your expectations most. Numerous niches are available, geographic-specific boards are available, too. Start your searches, keeping in mind the fact it's free for all seekers to use.

It shows current openings only, and it lists jobs taken from 20,000 company websites directly.

Check the page:

Being a medical student in the US, you can find many opportunities to earn while learning. All above-mentioned resources provide all features necessary to find freelance or part-time jobs regardless your experience. All skills you've got in college already can help you earn extra money.

What you can try:

    medical writing;

    medical assistance;

    medical blogging;

    medical research;

    summer internships.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”, John Lennon said.

Time will come when you need to search for your job and build a medical career you dream about. There's no reason to postpone this moment: now you have a guide for taking one step forward.


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