Discussion: a price for advances in medicine. Phase I clinical trial fail in France

Let me suggest a topic for discussion that might be a bit provocative. It's about the prices that sometimes we have to pay for advances in medicine.

Ist phase clinical trial of a new painkiller drug manufactured by Bial (Portugal) failed with one man brain-dead and another five ones in critical state with neurologic symptoms, three of them are suspected to have irreversable changes in their CNS. [Links to news articles below]

What is your opinion: who carries responsibility for these cases? Bial, Biotrial clinic that carried out the trial or maybe somone else involved? What kind of responsibility must it be provided the fact people involved in the study are volunteers and must have been consulted about specificity and all the issues that can arise in phase I clinical trials? Could there take place unproperly done preclinical trial? What do you think about it?

||You can follow these links to get more information about the case:

Authored By Alina Ivaniuk on Tuesday 26th January 2016