What changes are going to be made for students applying for foundation posts from 2012 onwards?

What are the changes that are going to be made by the UKFPO for students applying for foundation posts from 2012 onwards?

So many rumours are being spread about the changes that are going to come in to the new MTAS form, so I thought readers may want to share and comment, and perhaps we can all get a better idea of what is happening from those who are better informed.

I have heard lots of things, so thought I would list them. If anyone has heard different, please correct me!

  • First of all, changes are to be made for those applying the year after next, ie. to be an FY1 in 2013.
  • I have also heard that this may be delayed until the following year, however.
  • 'White space questions' are to be removed from the form. This is to avoid the disparity between those who get help to fill them in and those who complete the form themselves
  • A 'situational judgement test will be introduced nationally. This aims to assess candidates ability to make the right decision in clinical scenarios with ethical considerations
  • Points may no longer be given for extra-curricular activities/ qualifications any more. Including previous degrees, intercalated degrees, publications and presentations.

This is all speculation and I don't claim any of the above to be true. It is interesting to see if anyone else has heard similar things though.

Authored By Johnny Berger on Wednesday 9th February 2011