What is it like training to be a medical student a country with very limited resources?

What is it like training to be a doctor in countries with very few resources? How do you learn medicine without access to textbooks and resources that we take for granted. Also, how can you learn about all the therapies and investigations that are appropriated for patients without being placed in hospitals which use these? I would be really interested to hear anyones experience on this.

Authored By Rachel Simton on Monday 1st October 2012


Mariechen Puchert
Posted almost 8 years ago

Hi Rachel, interesting question. I study medicine in South Africa. As African countries go, we are quite privileged, but comparatively we are still very under-resourced. I actually wrote a

Rama Raja
Posted over 7 years ago

Well, I can only read about how it's like to be educated in a developed country and to be enrolled in prestigious institutions that charge tens of thousands of dollars per year, no less, those that offer medical training. It must be a very resource

Posted over 7 years ago

This doesn't really answer your question, but a friend of mine is a med student volunteering at a Syrians refugee camp in Turkey. He has a bolg that should give an idea of what it's like to work under those circumstances:


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