Risk Factor of BRCA1 with family history.

Risk Factor of BRCA1 with family history.

First degree relatives - A male in one family dies of peritoneal cancer - aged 49, a sister carries the BRCA1 gene and has been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer aged 45. Father diagnosed with melanoma, 3 sisters with mutliple cases of BCC & SCC skin cancers.

Patenal Side - Grandmother died of breast cancer aged 42. (no other details known on paternal side of family)

Maternal side - Aunt dies of non hodgkin's lymphoma in her early 30's. Uncle dies of bowel cancer in his 50's. Grandfather dies of bowel cancer in his 70's. Cousin diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma in his 30's.

What is the likelihood of the remaining siblings in (2 brothers & 3 sisters) also being a carrier. I believe the risk of inheriting is 50% for every child born of a carrier, but what is the occurence. Given the strong family history of both paternal and maternal - Is it possible 6/6 will carry the BRAC1 (or any other cancer related gene)

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sampath kumar
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Both copies of a tumor suppressor gene must be altered or mutated before a person will develop cancer. In HBOC, the first mutation is inherited from either the mother or father and is therefore present in all cells of the body. This is called a germlin