Low-fat diet and gallstones

Diet high in fat may reduce the risk of gallstones during rapid weight loss:

Diet high in saturated fat may increase the risk of gallstones.

Meals high in fat supposedly trigger pain in gallbladder stones disease, and many doctors recommend low-fat meals to prevent the pain

My questions:

  1. Do high-fat meals really trigger pain in gallbladder stone disease? Any experience with patients?
  2. Would you, as a doctor, recommend a low-fat diet to someone who already has gallstones?
Authored By Jan Modric on Thursday 23rd October 2014


Asiful Ovi
Posted almost 6 years ago

Q1 response: Don't have any idea whether high fat diet trigger the pain or not. But surely high fat diet increase the risk of gall stone formation & thereafter causes the pain from the gall stones.

Q2 response: to prevent more gallston