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Come to the Dark Side

Written by jacob matthews · Monday 2nd December 2013

“You want to be a medical leader? … Gone to the Dark side have you?”

For years medical leadership has been the place to retire to once you’ve done your hard work on the wards. The image of a doctor hanging up their stethoscope, picking up a clipboard and joining the managers “dark side” is all too familiar.

Medical leadership, Healthcare management, Clinical lead, Quality lead – these are all ways of describing someone (a healthcare professional) who wants to make a difference, who wants to help not just one patient but every patient in that service.

Medical leadership is the zeitgeist! It is a growing field. It is a discipline of the young and dynamic. It is something that is relevant to you all. It is something that you will be expected to show in years to come.

As an individual student you can join the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM), do some reading, do a quality improvement project (QIP) and write that you have an interested in medical leadership on your CV.

What if you want to do more than just improve your CV?

Be an agent for change, found a student’s medical leadership and management society at your medical school!
It’s easy! First, find 10 student colleagues – the driven, the politically aware, the idealists, the power-mad and the ones that really care. Step 2 – give yourself a suitably pompous name. Step 3 – register your New “University of X Leaders of Tomorrow” society with you MedSoc or Students Union. Step 4 – Contact the FMLM to let them know you exist and want to join their revolution. Step 5 – Collaborate with the other student Medical Leadership Societies (MLS) around the UK. Step 6 – Hold a social. Step 7 – Find a local doctor who would love to talk about their career and recent success. Step 8 – Invite us all along. Step 9 – Write it on your CV. Step 10 – Leave a legacy.

At the present The University of Birmingham Students Medical Leadership Society is in contact with the FMLM and other similar groups at the Universities of Bristol, Barts and Oxford. We are looking to get in contact with every other society in the country. If you are a new or old MLS then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you and are happy to help your societies in any way we can – we would also love to attend your events so please do send us an invite and we will do our best to attend and advertise it.

Email us at

Follow us on Twitter @UoBMedLeaders

Find us on Facebook @

Come along to our up coming events…

Thursday 5th December LT3 Medical School, 6pm
‘Why should doctors get involved in management’
By Dr Mark Newbold, CEO of BHH NHS Trust

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 LT3 Medical School, 6pm
‘Has the NHS lost the ability to care?’ – responding to the Mid Staffs inquiry’
By Prof Jon Glasby, Director of the Health Services Management Centre , UoB

Thursday 20th February LT3 Medical School, 6pm
‘Creating a Major Trauma Unit at the UHB Trust’
By Sir Prof Keith Porter, Professor of Traumatology, UHB

Saturday 8th March LT3 Medical School, 1pm
‘Applying the Theory of Constraints to Healthcare
By Mr A Dinham and J Nieboer ,QFI Consulting