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Mr Jamie Dunn

Mr Jamie Dunn

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Mr Jamie Dunn

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ST6 Urology
Derriford Hospital
Veterinary Surgeon and Urology SPR (ST6) Areas of interest include endourology, peads and female and functional urology.

Horseshoe Kidney –

A horseshoe kidney is the fusion of the lower poles of both kidneys ventral of the aorta, the fusion is called isthmus of the horseshoe kidney and consists of connective tissue or renal parenchyma, from the online textbook of urology by D. Manski
almost 6 years ago

Lets Talk PSA.....when is it appropriate to do a PSA on a patient during an acute admission

What do you think...tell me when you use it and we'll see if we can find a consensus.. My first pitch in is "Never in a patient with retention"...the result will always be falsely elevated....your go...  
Mr Jamie Dunn
about 7 years ago

Renal function after nephrectomy?

When someone has normal renal function and they loose a kidney ( ie a donation ) they usually retain normal renal function don't they...egfr of > 90...but when someone with ckd looses a kidney their egfr tends to half. ..any thoughts on why?  
Mr Jamie Dunn
over 6 years ago