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27 items · Last updated Friday 2nd December 2016

Abdominal Examination Video

In this video Mr Jon Lund demonstrates how to examine the abdomen.  
Rhys Clement
about 11 years ago

OSCE Examination Guide

Concise but comprehensive guides to the 17 most important clinical examinations. These notes are very useful for OSCE revision, but also more generally for work on the wards.  
Tom Stoker
almost 10 years ago

Detailed first and second year OSCE stations

Explanations of procedures and signs associated with various OSCE style stations relevant to first and second year MBBS, including pictures of relevant pathology and illustrative diagrams. Includes - resuscitatio - peripheral pulse - blood pressur - cardiovascular exam (including relevant aspects of the general examination - ECG lead placemen - Respiratory exam (including relevant aspects of the general examination - peak flo - vitalograp - abdominal examination (including relevant aspects of the general examination - PNS (motor function - Reflexes alon - cranial nerve exa - Thyroid exa - cervical and lymph node (diagrams only - Shoulder joint exa - Hip joint exam  
Gemma McIntosh
over 9 years ago

detailed first and second year OSCE stations

Clinical Skills Resuscitation station  Assess danger of situation. Approach.  “Rouse”. Assessment of consciousness. Gently shake shoulders. Use pain e.g sque…  
Gemma McIntosh
over 9 years ago

Pulmonary Oedema 2/2 - Clinical Aspects

This second part of a two part tutrial covers the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary oedema. This can be watched in isolation or in conjunction with the first part which covers the physiology.  
Martin Weller
over 9 years ago

Cardiovascular Examination OSCE guide

This is a guide to performing a cardiovascular examination in the context of an OSCE exam. It was created by a group of medical students for the free revision website where you can find a written guide to accompany the video. The way in which this examination is carried out varies greatly between individuals & institutions therefore this should be used as a rough framework which you can personalise to suit your own style.  
Lewis Potter
over 9 years ago

Approach to the Cardiovascular Examination

This presentation describes the basic cardiovascular examination. It is suitable for students in their early clinical years but may also be appropriate for students in their final year as revision for their OSCEs or students returning to clinical medicine.  
Carly Welch
over 9 years ago

History Taking for OSCEs

Aimed at those in clinical years. The presentation goes through how to maximize the use of the Calgary-Cambridge Framework, do a comprehensive systems review, and come up with differentials using two surgical sieves.  
Clarissa Gurbani
almost 9 years ago
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Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Made Easy

This poster offers a basic level of understanding of ABGs for medical students. I have also made an ID-card-sized version which can be easily used on the ward. Students can work around the table, looking at pH, then CO2 and then HCO3- and find the answer in the correct box.  
Jessi Muchmore
over 8 years ago
Preview 300x212

A brief Guide to the clinical examination

I created this whilst in third year. I have always found it difficult to find a succint guide to the whole examination for the long I created one! It is an easy guide to remembering what to do and why you do it....I hope it can help anyone who needs it  
Howard Chu
over 8 years ago

Cranial Nerve Examination - OSCE Guide

The ability to carry out a thorough and slick cranial nerve examination is something every medic needs to master. This video aims to give you an idea of what's required in the OSCE and you can then customise the examination to suit your own personal style. We spend a lot of time and effort both filming and editing these videos, so we hope you find them useful! This video is part of a series of OSCE video guides which can be found at or alternatively at Remember that what these exams involve and how they are carried out differs between medical schools, so always follow your local guidance.  
Lewis Potter
over 8 years ago
Preview 300x225

Examining Visual Fields for a Clinical Exam

Guide to testing visual fields during a clinical exam by the clinical skills tutors at the University of Liverpool  
about 8 years ago

Cardiovascular Exam

A beginner's guide to examining the cardiovascular system -- perfect for the medical student on their first placement. Far from comprehensive, but an excellent starting point if you're not quite sure what approach to take. Part of our series on basic clinical examination. If you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe for all the latest from HippocraTV? And let us know what you'd like us to cover next -- like all good educationalists, we can't get enough of that sweet, sweet feedback. Now get out there and see some patients! Music: Brittle Raille by Kevin Macleod Cool Vibes by Kevin Macleod Dub Feral by Kevin Macleod Local Forecast by Kevin Macleod Groove Grove by Kevin Macleod (all via the wonderful Special thanks to Harrison Ferguson Disclaimer: HippocraTV is not affiliated with any medical school or NHS trust. While we make a great effort to ensure our content is correct and up-to-date, watching YouTube is not a substitute for reading a textbook, attending a lecture or seeing a real-life patient.  
almost 7 years ago

Respiratory Conditions and Common Signs To Look For

Respiratory OSCE tutorial covering common signs and conditions that present, investigations and management.  
Dr Alastair Buick
over 6 years ago
Preview 300x232

OSCE Gastrointestinal examination

Thorough flowchart for carrying out a full examination of the gastrointestinal system - should come in very handy for OSCEs!  
Julia Marr
over 6 years ago
Preview 300x232

OSCE respiratory examination

Respiratory flashcard for OSCE's.  
Julia Marr
over 6 years ago

Cranial Nerves OSCE Examination

Learn how to examine the cranial nerves with key facts and landmarks explained and highlighted.  
almost 7 years ago