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Head and Neck

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11 items · Last updated Sunday 15th May 2016

Opthalmology Quiz

Opthalmology Quiz Sian Chivers  
Deleted User
almost 12 years ago

The Visual System

A presentation on the visual system, explains the basic concepts of Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, Pathology and a little information on examination. It's a great presentation for teaching purposes.  
Raghad Sabbagh
almost 9 years ago
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Cranial Nerves - Anatomy, Clinical Signs and Study Tips

This is a teaching resource that aids the student in memorisation of the Cranial Nerves, their anatomical path and function. Additionally, it stimulates a clinical approach to the functions of the Cranial Nerves, with some 'not to be missed' signs.  
Thomas Lemon
almost 9 years ago
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Brachial Schematic

Please note the Brachial Schematic is available in print, please contact if interested and consider sharing the Brachial Schematic on Facebook etc. Many thanks. The Brachial Schematic is a 2-d visual representation of the Brachial Plexus. The Brachial Plexus is a network of nerves that supplies the upper limb. The illustration was inspired by the work of Henry Beck on the London Underground Map and also by the numerous illustrations already depicting the Brachial Plexus. This image is related to my Arterial Schematic and whilst that image has had far more success, it is hard to say which one of these images came first. I am particularly proud of the fact that the Brachial Plexus will be appearing in an adapted form in Edition 9 of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialities.  
Dr. Luke Farmery
over 8 years ago

Foramina of the Skull (Visual mnemonic)

The skull has numerous holes (foramina) through which various cranial nerves, arteries, veins and other structures pass. To aid learning of these important foramina, I have created this visual mnemonic.  
Sunjay Parmar
about 8 years ago
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Anatomical relations of the Middle ear (Visual mnemonic)

The Middle ear has a plethora of structures within and surrounding it. To aid learning of these important structures, I have created this visual mnemonic. Note: The view is seen from the Right Lateral Wall (i.e. Tympanic membrane removed to see middle ear interior).  
Sunjay Parmar
about 8 years ago
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Triangles of the Neck (Visual mnemonic)

There are various triangles of the neck, largely divided by the sternocleidomastoid muscle to form anterior and posterior triangles. Some triangles are more 'important' that others, and this simplified visual mnemonic hopes to emphasises this.  
Sunjay Parmar
about 8 years ago
Preview 300x169

Pharyngeal Apparatus (Visual mnemonic)

The Pharyngeal apparatus refers to the development and function of the clefts, arches and pouches which contribute to form the major components of the head and neck. Understanding the derivatives of the clefts, arches & pouches is initially time-consuming, however it lays a strong foundation to understand the clinical relevance thereafter. Hopefully this visual mnemonic will allow you to memorise all the derivatives of the pharyngeal apparatus with ease.  
Sunjay Parmar
about 8 years ago
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Cranial nerves mnemonic

A nice visual mnemonic to recall the cranial nerves and their foramen.  
Waleed Tariq
about 7 years ago

Skull Anatomy (5 of 5): Structures Passing Through The Skull (Part 2) -- Head and Neck Anatomy 101

5 short videos on the skull. In videos 4 and 5 we cover the structures that pass through the skull foramina. More detailed blurb on these videos below. If yo...  
almost 7 years ago

Flowchart - Blood Supply to The Brain and Venous Sinus Drainage of the Brain

These are 2 flowcharts that I made to help me understand the basic blood supply to the brain and drainage via the venous sinus system. They don't go into huge detail, but rather give a general overview and schematic. Enjoy :P  
Thomas Fenwick
almost 6 years ago