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Behavariol epidemeology

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My Notes for USMLE
almost 7 years ago

Stroke Syndromes part1

The stroke syndromes. most common is middle cerebral artery. Key Loc=loss of consciousness Bulb= memory Spiral= confusion These are intact in MCA..only in ACA memory is affected hence the bulb is crossed out. Divide the body in 4 boxes representing upper and lower limbs and each box is further divided into S (sensory) M (Motor). The dark shading means this is affected more. Dotted shading means affected to a lesser extent. Note how sensory is intact (not shaded) in webers and benedict . The red dot in brain = site of infarction The 2 circles represent visual field. ( intact in ACA). Only ACA has urinary incontinence (shown by leaking urine) Note. For Benedict. .Ataxia is shown by shading under the legs on one side (although legs are represented by boxes the stick lines as legs is only used to represent ataxia). tip..whenever faced with an infarct question draw the man and symbols shown and shade accordingly. Will definitely help diagnose the case quickly.  
Sarosh Kamal
over 5 years ago