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Another Way Down Under

A snapshot of how I ended up starting my "FY3" in Australia teaching anatomy to medical students and the lessons I have learnt along the way. I hope this will help current foundation year trainees consider something a little different...  
Dr. Luke Farmery
about 6 years ago

PHARM Podcast 126 : Ketamine for depression with Dr Stephen Hyde

Hi Folks On today's show, I talk to Dr Stephen Hyde, a psychiatrist in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia about his new book and technique of treating depressive illness with sublingual ketamine. Can you treat depressive illness effectively in the ED..or at least start effective rapid treatment? Yes you can! Can you start treating suicidality in the…
over 6 years ago

Emergency Medicine Literature of Note: Not Much to Say About SPLIT

Generalizable to ICU with a moderate volume of elective surgery. Never going to be generalizable to ED but presumably wasn't intended to be. Reads like a pilot for novel trial design more than the fluid comparison. Supposedly done very cheaply (minimal $ per patient) using routinely collected data & opt-out data consent (everyone received the Rx but able to opt out of their data being used). Also error above - NZ only, not Australia.
over 6 years ago