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Bomb and Blast Injuries

Bomb and blast injuries:  In the past blast injuries were limited to the battlefield of a rare industrial accident.  The events of the past week are a reminder that civilian population centers are targets for bombing attacks.   Most civilian providers has no to limited knowledge or experience treating patients with such injuries.   This episode is dediacated to a discussion of some of the unique properties and injuries associated with blast injuries.  In the event of a terrorist attack, like those attempted in London this past week, the injuries will be in the hundreds.   
Jeffrey S. Guy, MD, FACS
almost 11 years ago

Climate change is a health emergency

It’s nearly 30 years since Eric Chivian and three other Harvard faculty members won the Nobel peace prize for their work as founders of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. At its height IPPNW had a membership of 250 000 doctors from 80 countries. Its leaders spoke directly to the world’s leaders and to the public, helping them to understand the terrible things that happen to people’s bodies and lives when nuclear bombs explode. As Chivian says in a BMJ essay this week, the aim was to help people grasp what a nuclear war would really be like, so that politicians and the public would do everything in their power to prevent such a war from happening (doi:10.1136/bmj.g2407).
over 7 years ago

How the fruit fly could help us sniff out drugs and bombs

A fly's sense of smell could be used in new technology to detect drugs and bombs, new University of Sussex research has found.
over 6 years ago
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Army veteran 'failed' over prosthetic leg by NHS - BBC News

The BBC's Nikki Fox has been speaking to former soldier Craig Gadd, who lost his leg in Afghanistan after he stepped on a bomb back in 2010, about his struggles with his NHS prosthetic leg.
almost 6 years ago