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A Foundation for Neonatal Care

This authoritative guide offers a vital overview including the recent fundamental changes in the care of newborn babies. As well as medical staff, key roles are now played by senior nurses, clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists, advanced neonatal nurse practitioners, nurse consultants, midwives, dieticians, physiotherapists and speech therapists. The involvement of such a diverse range of professional cultures in such a rapidly developing area often leads to competing priorities, complicated by a lack of established guidelines. There is also the added challenge of fetal medicine - an important emerging allied specialty new to many healthcare professionals. This book assists all professionals involved in the provision of neonatal care in understanding the genetic, physiological and biochemical mechanisms which have either led to or are associated with the clinical conditions affecting their patients. With comprehensive chapters on fetal medicine, genetics, inherited biochemical disorders, fundamental physiological concepts, the cardiovascular, renal and respiratory systems, bacterial and transplacental infections, pharmacokinetics, nutrition, and an overview of haemostasis, A Foundation For Neonatal Care aids understanding of the continuum of developmental physiology and pathology which is now required of neonatal care providers.
over 6 years ago

Where is the consultant?

Medical Protection Society Website
almost 8 years ago

Why is MgSO4 used in acute asthma management?

The anesthetists loves magnesium. But when I asked of the mechanism from A&E consultants, I got replies that it is wonder drug, or not well understood. Anyone got a more comprehensive answer than that?  
Stuart Chan
about 9 years ago

Why did a patient's Hb fall with sepsis?

I was on the renal ward round with some other medical students and the one of the patient's Hb had fallen slightly and the consultant had mentioned that it was likely secondary to their infection. I didn't understand why this would be but didn't have the courage to ask either. Can anyone help me please?  
Jess Pobbs
about 9 years ago

How do thiazides cause hypercalcaemia?

I was discussing with a renal consultant the reasons for avoiding thiazides in patients with sarcoidosis with renal involvement. I think it is well established that they can cause hypercalcaemia but after (not very much) searching on the internet and in textbooks I can't seem to find out why? Does anybody know?  
Amy Huxtable
about 8 years ago