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A woman with rapidly progressive weakness and sensory loss

A 61 year old woman presented to the accident and emergency department with progressive weakness of the lower limbs and a feeling of her legs being “frozen” over the preceding four days. Ten days earlier, she had contracted a flu-like illness and was diagnosed and treated with oseltamivir (Tamiflu) for presumed swine flu. She was later found to be influenza A/H1N1 seropositive on the reference laboratory haemagglutination assay. Her medical history included cervical spondylosis for which she had decompressive laminectomy (C4-7) in 1992 and a Cloward’s discectomy with bone graft and fusion of C5-7 in 1996.
over 7 years ago

Minimally invasive decompression versus open laminectomy for central stenosis of the lumbar spine: pragmatic comparative effectiveness study

Objective To test the equivalence for clinical effectiveness between microdecompression and laminectomy in patients with central lumbar spinal stenosis.
over 6 years ago

PodMed: A Medical News Roundup From Johns Hopkins

This weeks topics include open versus microsurgical laminectomy, PT versus surgery for lumbar issues, sudden cardiac death and exercise, benefits of leisure time, moderate or vigorous exercise on mort
over 6 years ago