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#StudentLedChange NHS Change Day Campaign - Do you want to make your voice heard?

Are you a student, junior doctor, trainee or other healthcare professional? Do you want to make a difference to patient care? If you anwsered "yes" to both of those questions, then please do contact the #StudentLedChange team. We want to invite you all to join the campaign and put all of our enthusiasm together to make a real difference to patient care. To contact us: Search Twitter or Facebook for #StudentLedChange @QuID_UK or email Our main aims are: 1) To harness the enthusiasm of juniors to improve patient care 2) To reduce the barriers to research and quality improvement projects that juniors often run into - such as not knowing any enthusiastic supervisors - via 3) To increase the sharing of small scale projects and new ideas - via 4) To build a vibrant community of like minded individuals via social media - please joint he discussions today 5) Our last aim is rather ambitious, we want to encourage all of the organisations involved in patient care improvement to work more closely together. We want there to be more collaborative projects that students can get involved in and we want to make it easier for students to know who to contact and where to start. We also want to help other students achieve their aims by collaborating together. If you would like to help with any of the above then please do get in contact... Originally posted on:  
jacob matthews
about 7 years ago
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QuID's primary aim is to make it easier for good practice to be reported and shared. The secondary aim of QuID is to provide an educational experience for students and junior healthcare professionals by showing examples of projects that could be undertaken, offering advice and allowing individuals to practice submitting their work to a peer-review process.
about 7 years ago