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"The discovery that sodium transport and glucose transport are coupled in the small intestine so that glucose accelerates absorption of solute and water (is) potentially the most important medical advance this century."

ORT ... How it Works - We are often asked to explain how ORT works - a question that can only be answered successfully by first considering some of the simple physiology of the normal intestine and then the changes that occur in a state of diarrhoeal disease. This is a basic discussion of the question written in reasonable non-technical terms to provide some of this interesting background information.
almost 6 years ago
Thyroid grays anatomy wikimedia

Why potential for chemicals to disrupt thyroid function is causing concern

The Endocrine Society defines endocrine-disrupting chemicals as “compounds natural or synthetic which through environmental or inappropriate developmental exposures alter the hormonal and homeostatic systems that enable the organism to communicate with and respond to its environment.” Chemicals which affect thyroid metabolism are termed “thyroid…
almost 6 years ago

Iron Profile TIBC, Ferritin and Saturation

My notes on iron metabolism and diagnosis of diseases using iron profile.  
Sarosh Kamal
almost 6 years ago