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Nephropoly: Urine Trouble

Urine Trouble is an educational web-based “board game” that aims to help medical students, residents, and fellows learn renal physiology. It provides the fun and nostalgia of classic board games while being accessible online. Pl answer region specific questions as they are filtered through the glomerulus and travel along the nephron. Topics are physiology-based, but draw on aspects of clinical nephrology when appropriate to highlight a particular physiologic principle. Nephron physiology videos are also included so that students have the ability to refresh their memories before they begin the game. Players can also submit their own question to be incorporated into the question database. The game has been designed to accommodate 1- 4 players, thus facilitating group learning when desired. It promotes a fun, high-yield, physiology-focused review of the nephron; providing immediate feedback and encouraging active participation. Nephropoly can be used to supplement knowledge gained from lectures and textbook based learning.
about 5 years ago