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Should vitamin D supplements be recommended to prevent chronic diseases? | The BMJ

Do not recommend vitamin D supplements to prevent chronic disease because clear evidence of benefit does not currently exist and adverse effects cannot be excluded - currently located behind a paywall. Your institution may have access through Athens/Elservier or similar.
about 7 years ago

Vitamin D: Shedding light on diabetes, MS and cancer - The Naked Scientists

Naked Scientists - 22nd Jan 2012 - Vitamin D: Shedding light on diabetes, MS and cancer
about 8 years ago

Vitamin D: some perspective please

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an ever expanding list of diseases, and with this has come almost tonic-like claims for vitamin D supplementation. In observational studies, low vitamin D status has been associated with increased risk of multiple sclerosis, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, autoimmunity, and allergy.1 The UK government has advised that all pregnant women, and children under 5 years, should take 400 IU vitamin D daily; a recent news story, however, reported a survey conducted by a charity which suggested that only 26% of pregnant women and 46% of healthcare professionals are aware of these guidelines.2 The most recent musculoskeletal trend seems to be the attribution of childhood problems such as Blount’s disease and slipped femoral epiphyses to vitamin D deficiency and the incorrect conflation of rickets with low serum calcidiol (25-hydroxyvitamin D3) concentrations.3 So are health professionals causing ill health through their lack of awareness and advocacy of vitamin D supplementation?
about 8 years ago
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calcium, vitamin D metabolisim

calcium, vitamin D metabolisim  
Chris Oliver
about 12 years ago