Is anyone else having problems bathing? I have investigated!

After seeing a lot of Nilaqua on the internet recently, I decided to give the product a go. I was a little sceptical as I haven't heard of it before and dry shampoo products never seem to work that well. However, the lady at assures me Nilaqua is a water based product and is NOT a dry shampoo, so works really well. Its kinda like a liquid solution which you rub into the hair, creating a bubbly lather and then towel off the residue and with that the dirt is lifted away with the towel. I bought it to help care for my mum who is currently wheelchair bound and her shower is such a nightmare to get in and out off. My mum is very proud of her appearance so not washing is very humiliating for her. I brought a 200ml bottle, it cost around £4.50 we've been using it every couple of days and has lasted for about 2 weeks. So I shall be buying the larger size next time. It leaves the hair soft, manageable and most of all clean!! So would really would recommend! You do have to get used to it though, applying enough so the hair is saturated!

My colleague noticed it is now in the NHS catalogue, so have approached purchasing to get some shampoo and body wash in for our palliative unit. Should save a lot of time compare to bed bathing & have them nice and clean for family visiting. I'll write another update after I have tested it I the hospital to see how it does in a ward environment.

Authored By Yasmin Booth on Monday 7th September 2015