Is anyone else having problems bathing? – UPDATE

I have now tested Nilaqua in the ward, we are testing the shampoo and body wash. I knew one of my patients family were visiting so I decided it would be a good time to test the product. I used the shampoo on Jean, as I said in my previous post it is really easy to use and leaves the hair soft and clean, removing any signs of grease and dirt. Jean was very pleased and said that it felt and smelt nice.

I hadn't used the body wash before but again, it was very easy to use, much easier than bed bathing, I didn't have to change any sheets after use and it saves a lot of time. This meant that I had more time to wash more patients and give a few of them the luxury of a hair wash. The body wash uses the same method as the shampoo – apply, massage into the skin until soapy and towel away the liquid with that off comes the dirt and odours. It works really well and is definitely cost effective whilst giving high quality care that this people deserve.

Authored By Yasmin Booth on Thursday 17th September 2015