As doctors, how can we best provide medical aid abroad?

This is a question I put to members of the Sheffield group but I think it would be interesting to open this question up to a wider audience as I know a lot of people have strong views on this topic!

  • What sort of work should doctors be doing when they go to a foreign country to do medical aid?
  • Is medical aid ever misdirected?
  • What aid is effective?

The discussion stems from the obvious need and benefit of English doctors working for charities abroad, but what exactly should we be doing when we get there? Should our priority be emergency aid work in a third world country hit by a natural disaster, or should we be training doctors in third world countries to leave a long term benefit?

I'd be interested to hear people's views on how medical aid can be implemented, improved, and carried out.

Authored By Nicole Abdul on Tuesday 8th March 2011