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oPortfolio - A Better Portfolio For Medics

Written by Jeremy Walker · Sunday 12th May 2013

What's the problem?

Since I first started working with doctors, one of the main complaints I've heard is about electronic portfolios:

  • "It's so slow",
  • "It's really ugly",
  • "It's basically unusable",
  • "It crashed the day before submissions!",
  • "It's SO unintuitive"

I've heard all of these things from different doctors at different stages in different specialities in different locations. Write a tweet about ePortfolio and the odds are you'll have it retweeted and replied to numerous times within minutes. There's clearly a real problem here, and a real frustration among doctors!

What's the Solution?

Over the last two years I've spent lots of time talking to a variety of doctors about this and have come to the conclusion that a new modern, robust solution is needed. We need software that is fresh and intuitive to use, that doesn't get overloaded and that has the features that people actually want!

The Meducation team agrees, and so we've partnered up with our friends at Podmedics to make this a reality. We are making oPortfolio - the Open Portfolio - an open-source system guided by the needs of the trusts, deanaries and colleges, but with a firm focus on the doctors who will be using it. Over the next few days we'll be launching a kickstarter project to let you support what we're doing. In the meantime, please sign up on our website to receive updates about what we're doing!