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To the neurology/neurosurgery avids, those who just can't get it and others

Written by Angela Li Ching Ng · Thursday 5th December 2013

Hi guys, my name is Angela! I am currently an F2 doing a year in Australia! My key interest is neurosurgery and as a neurosurgery SHO now in Adelaide, I thought I'd start a blog on a few neurosurgery/neurology issues I encounter regularly on the wards. This is aimed to help all medical students studying neurology/F1/SHO in neurosurgery. Few topics could include:

  1. Basic management of neurosurgery/neurology patients - the neurology exam
  2. Ophthalmology exam and lesion representation
  3. Understanding GCS
  4. Raised intracranial pressure
  5. Acute head injury
  6. Seizure management
  7. Cauda equina
  8. Headaches
  9. Decreased conscious level
  10. Cord compression
  11. Electrolytes imbalance in the neurosurgical patient
  12. Fluid management in the neurosurgical patient
  13. Acute meningitis

Any thoughts/comments?