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Top Resources for Medical Essay Writers

Written by Robert Morris · Friday 28th February 2014

All stages of essay writing can be tricky, from the choice of a proper topic to the organization of the paper to the actual writing. Moreover, you also have to edit and proofread the paper in order to make sure it’s clean of all spelling errors and logical gaps. The content has to be free of plagiarism, and all sources you have used need to be properly referenced. When you have all those rules in mind, essay writing can become really confusing.
However, there are online resources that can help you through every stage of the process, and we will list some of the most useful ones in the continuation.

Help with your topic and thesis

The first stage of the process can often be the most troublesome one. However, there are online tools that offer great topic ideas, which you can later turn into thesis statements with the help of thesis generators.

  1. Writinghouse is citation generator that will create the needed bibliography entries and in-text citations in your paper.

  2. How to write a college application essay – 10 practical ninja tips by Ninja Essays. This simple guide offers practical tips for writing impressive application essays. Paying attention to this advice will relieve you from the stress of college applications.

  3. Thesis Generator 1.0 is a great tool for drafting clear thesis statements for argumentative and persuasive essays. In order to get a suggestion for your thesis statement, you will need to enter the topic and main argument of your paper, along with two reasons that support the main argument.

  4. Thesis Statement Creator is also requires you to enter all components of the thesis statement, after which you will get a suggestion for a thesis statement that you can directly use into your essay.

Understand the types of essays

All types of essays have different requirements, so you need guides that will help you understand their principles.

  1. Roane State Online Writing Lab provides clear information about various types of essays, as well as samples that will help you get an impression of how great academic writing is done.

  2. Writing Detective provides a useful online lesson that will teach you how compare/contrast essays are written, after which you can take a quiz to test your abilities.

The organization of your paper

Proper essay organization isn’t difficult to achieve, but many students struggle with it. These are the tools that will improve the structure of your papers:

  1. Essay Map by ReadWriteThink will help you organize your paper through an interactive guide.

  2. From outline… to essay by iCivics is a lesson with side-by-side examples of appropriate organization.

  3. Essay Organizer is an app for smartphones, which you can use to go through the detailed steps of essay writing and take notes at any time.

Great essays don’t come without proper grammar and syntax!

These tools will help you make sure your paper is error-free:

  1. PaperRater will not only provide you with suggestions on how you can improve your paper in terms of style and vocabulary, but will also check it for plagiarism.

  2. Purdue OWL offers any information about essays you could possibly need. It will teach you about proper grammar and syntax, as well as the general requirements for different types of essays.

  3. UNLV Writing Center provides practical tips on essay writing that will teach you how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Check the uniqueness of your paper!

Professors don’t forgive plagiarism issues, so you better use these tools to make sure your paper is unique before you submit it:

  1. PlagTracker is a simple, but very effective tool that provides links to articles and webpages of duplicate content.

  2. Viper is another effective plagiarism checker, but this one requires a download.


Education is an aspect of life that has been particularly transformed due to the remarkable digital changes. Now that you have practical tools within reach, essay writing doesn’t have to be a struggle. Online tools will make this activity less stressful and less time-consuming!