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Guess or Gestalt in Major Trauma at St.Emlyn's - St.Emlyn's

I was recently fortunate enough to speak at the the Emergency Medicine Educators Conference in Coventry on a subject that continues to interest me, that of gestalt, judgement and clinical decision making. As I get older I increasingly realise that simply acquiring more knowledge and skills is not enough. What’s really important is how we use that information, how we make decisions, how we make mistakes and how we get it right. I’m also deep in my preparations for a talk at #SMACCUS on ‘Guess, Gestalt or Genius’ and so I’m always on the look out for studies in this area (as there are surprising few). In my talk in Coventry I used the question of when to activate the Major Haemorrhage Protocol (1:1:1 resuscitation as per PROPPR) in trauma patients. Clearly not all patients need it and there are potential harms if we use it on the wrong patients.
over 6 years ago

The Patient Experience: Why Is It Important? Why Do We Hate It So Much? What Can We Do To Improve? - emdocs

A discussion about a paradigm shift from focus on patient satisfaction to one of patient care experience. Some simple changes can have a large impact!
over 6 years ago

Cystic fibrosis drug offers hope to patients - BBC News

A "groundbreaking" cystic fibrosis therapy could profoundly improve quality of life, say doctors.
over 6 years ago


This video tutorial outlines the definition, classification, signs, symptoms, pathophysiology, investigation and management of pneumonia.  
about 10 years ago